Kieran C.

AvatarKieran C is a veteran of season long fantasy football having participated in the first ever season of Fantasy, the original provider of fantasy football in the UK and brainchild of fantasy football guru Andrew Wainstein. In those days results were sent by post and over the years Kieran has witnessed the huge changes to the industry as first technology and latterly new ways to play and make money have developed.

The most exciting of these changes has been the emergence of daily play and Kieran is adapting his season long strategies, where he regularly topped the leagues he participated in, to make an impact in UK daily play. Having already won numerous multi-player competitions on under his alias ‘Mizungu’, Kieran currently operates with a 70% success rate across Mondogoal, Fan XT and Play On Head to Head competitions.

Married with 2 children, and a third on the way, Kieran currently lives in Newcastle upon Tyne but born and bred in Manchester, is an avid Manchester City fan.