Daily Fantasy Football Picks : Champions League, Semifinals, Leg 2

By devo1099 on May 12, 2015

While these matches do not constitute the Champions League Final, they will encompass the last day of Champions League football for fantasy football purposes. It has been a fantastic season, and we can only imagine how much better the simultaneous fixtures from group play will be next Autumn as daily fantasy football continues to grow. Thank you for coming to FFB for your Champions League needs and we look forward to improving and making more money next season.

Bayern Munich v. FC Barcelona

For 76 minutes, Bayern were able to hold off the legendary Barca attack. But that all came crashing down and now they have the tall order or matching the 3-0 defeat they took at Camp Nou. Bayern certainly have a prolific attack and play exceptionally well at home, but overcoming a 3 goal deficit against the best team in the world? Good luck. They still have a chance to win the match, if not the tie, and Muller and Lewandowski in particular are fairly priced. Taking Neuer or his defenders is risky but if they can hold Barca to a single goal they are at fair values.

Barcelona took care of their end of the bargain at home and now just need to keep Bayern under control. They are not necessarily the type of team to ‘park the bus’ but even if they play a more defensive style they still can counterattack as well or better than anyone in the world. This makes Messi, Neymar and Suarez all viable options and they may be slightly less popular. Based on Mondogoal values, we would probably recommend avoiding defenders given the situation but Alves is always involved. On sites with Passes Completed, ball control players like Mascherano and Iniesta could be valuable.

Real Madrid v. Juventus

Real gave up a penalty after half to Tevez and were unable to find an equaliser. However, the away goal by Ronaldo makes this leg at the Bernebeu a bit less threatening. Additionally they should get Benzema back in the lineup which strengthens the attack. Given the choice between Messi and Ronaldo, Ronaldo has the slight edge this week due to being at home and more desperate to score. Benzema, Bale and James all have great opportunities to contribute as well, while Casillas and his defenders are the best options for a clean sheet this week, albeit well below 50% likelihood.


Top: Iker Casillas, Real Madrid

Budget: Manuel Neuer, Bayern Munich


Top: Marcelo, Real Madrid

Budget: Jerome Boateng, Bayern Munich


Top: Thomas Muller, Bayern Munich

Budget: Xabi Alonso, Bayern Munich


Top: Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid

Budget: Karim Benzema, Real Madrid

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