Draftkings Launch in the UK!

By FF Backers on February 5, 2016


It’s been in the works for months, and then the Arsenal and Liverpool partnerships were announced earlier this week but we can now rejoice at the live, functional app for UK users.

Check out Draftkings UK here!

We’ve written a comprehensive Draftkings review for the US product (http://www.fantasyfootballbackers.co.uk/reviews/draftkings-review/) and will update soon – the scoring has changed as well as now having 11 players.

There are a number of questions that we have had – and can hopefully answer for you here.

Are you sure this is legal in the UK?

Troubles aside with the puritanical US politicians, Draftkings have received a gaming licence in the UK and it is very much legal.

Are Draftkings coming over due to their troubles in the US?

These plans were in the works for some time, then delayed while they dealt with some controversy and investigations, and now going live. Have to figure that the motivation to broaden their user base and smooth out their year outside of NFL was just as motivating.

Will UK players be pooled together with US players

Indeed they will, right from the start. Have not seen what currency the games will be played in but this was definitely the best move for the players.

What are the main differences between Draftkings and Mondogoal, for example?

We cover much of this in our reviews – and as mentioned we will be updating the Draftkings review as soon as we have a chance to check it out – but the scoring, user experience and pricing are all considerably different. Scoring on Mondogoal is likely a bit *better* as it pertains to actual performance by players on the pitch, while Draftkings uses crosses and corners to provide a more consistent base for players. This leads to more edge if you can accurately project crosses and corners as they are easily the most predictable statistic recorded.

What do the Arsenal and Liverpool partnerships mean?

In the States, Draftkings is known for creating experiential contests – a chance to go see your favourite teams play, etc. Nothing has been announced yet but we would anticipate seeing something similar here.

Any more questions? If not – get started! See you on the Draftkings fantasy pitch tomorrow!

Check out Draftkings UK here!

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