Mondogoal Announces the Perfect Million Contest

By FF Backers on February 1, 2016


We spend hours studying statistics, trends, watching tape, and generally favouring DFF over all other hobbies. Now that painstaking dedication has a new goal: Mondogoal’s Perfect Million.

Now we have to believe that Mondogoal have taken out a healthy insurance policy on this. How realistic is it to think you can actually hit the perfect team? First we have to know how many games are included. While Mondogoal are excited to offer this promotion, don’t go expecting them to offer it for the 2 game Wednesday slate. There is nothing in the terms and conditions but presumably we’re looking at at least 6 games, likely more like 7 or 8. Let’s go with 8 as they will likely lean on the higher volume of games. That leaves 16 keepers, between 48 and 64 defenders, between 48 and 80 midfielders, and anywhere from 16 to 64 strikers as your pool. The ability to toggle between formations certainly adds an element of difficulty to this equation, but what did you expect? It’s a free shot at a million pounds!

We may not see a winner this season but rest assured Mondogoal will be nervous anytime a manager gets close.

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Smithy88 says:

how’s it being policed? at the moment we can’t access live score for all players! hw would we know?

Hank says:

it’ll take me a week 🙂