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Mondogoal Promo Code Details

Mondogoal offers what is the most generous promo code we’ve seen, 200% bonus on up to a £250 deposit, resulting in £500 of bonus money! It’s simple to activate the promo code. Just click on any of the links or banners on Fantasy Football Backers and you will be taken to the Mondogoal deposit page. From the deposit page you just put in your bank card information and If you reach the deposit page through a different path, you can just type in our exclusive promo code BACKERS to receive the best deposit bonus available.


Once you have reached the sign up page for Mondogoal, you can input some basic information and then use your bank card to deposit. Mondogoal is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission so you can be confident your money is in safe hands and withdrawing from Mondogoal is quick and easy. Mondogoal will offer other deposit options in the near future as well to give additional flexibility.

Here you can see the Sign Up page and the box for Promo Code prominently displayed:

MG Promo Code Page

Mondogoal Promo Code Payout Details

Once you have deposited you will see your deposit bonus in the upper right corner of Mondogoal when you click on the “Balance” dropdown. Under your £ account you will see “BONUS” listed. Mondogoal requires a minimum £5 deposit to receive bonus money though we would suggest the maximum deposit of £250 to receive an additional £500 in bonus money. Bonus money is released as 4% money back of the total entry fees you pay to join contests. For instance, you have deposited £250 as we recommend, and join a £50 contest. When that contest starts, Mondogoal will credit you with 4%, or £2 of your total bonus money. This does not sound like much money, but early on you will be learning your strategies and starting slow, so the bonus money will keep you afloat. 4% is typical of most sites in the daily fantasy industry so it is important to enter contests conservatively at the outset to ensure your initial deposit will last while you learn the ropes.

Why You Have to Use a Promo Code

It’s very important to take advantage of any promo code opportunity you are given because it will take some time to become a consistently profitable player. You’ll also want to get the maximum because these are only typically offered for first time deposits. If you are just learning about daily fantasy you may have the inkling to make a small deposit and see how your team performs. This is a mistake, however, because you will then not have access to the much larger bonus that Mondogoal offers. If your opponents are using the bonus code they will have more opportunity to test and develop different strategies without having their balance go to £0. Whenever presented with a promo code it is recommended to maximize the allowance.

We encourage conservative money management and taking advantage of an opportunity to get as much bonus money as possible is a large part of that thinking. It may seem counterintuitive to make a large deposit while practicing conservative money management, but view your total account balance separately from how you would view entering contests. If you have £250 but have yet to demonstrate an ability to win contests consistently, it’s important you are playing for £2-£5 entry contests while you practice, not £50 entry contests. This sort of self control is critical to sustaining longterm success in daily fantasy football.

Current Mondogoal Promotions

Mondogoal offers some unique promotions. We will let you know what those are and update them regularly. For Boxing Day, both Manchester City and West Ham are providing amazing contests.

Mondogoal Boxing Day

For just £1 you have the opportunity to win signed memorabilia from Man City and West Ham, and Mondogoal will continually put up new and exciting promotions related to their phenomenal partnerships.


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