How to Select Midfielders in Daily Fantasy Football

By devo1099 on November 26, 2014

Being on the ball most often, midfielders contribute in all key fantasy areas: goals, assists, passes, shots, crosses and fouls against. This also means their scoring potential varies greatly, they have the potential to boom or bust so choose carefully. The most important part of selecting your midfield is to understand the site’s scoring on the site that you are playing on.

On Mondogoal midfielders score in the following ways:How to Select Midfielders - Mondogoal Midfielder Scoring

You can see the most important stats to chase are goals and assists but midfielders that complete a high number of passes each match will also be able to accumulate good points. A scoring method that is unique to Mondogoal is the inclusion of Clean Sheet and Single Goal Match bonuses for midfielders, at half the rate given to defenders. We feel this is a legitimate addition as midfielders are also responsible for a team’s defence and should be rewarded or penalised as such.

Here are the primary factors to consider when selecting your midfielders:

1) Midfielders Attacking Skill – Crosses, Touches, Key Passes
2) Midfielders Attacking Skill – Shots, Set Pieces, Penalties
3) Midfielders’ Quality v. Site Value of the Midfielder
4) Opponent Quality – Projected Possession % for Team
5) Likelihood of Clean Sheet / 1 Goal Against
6) Home or Away

Let’s go through each factor one by one.

Midfielders Attacking Skill – Crosses, Touches, Key Passes

It is important that the midfielder you choose is a vital part of his team’s attack. The opportunity to be a part of scoring moves will give these players a better chance to get you points. Let’s take a look at key passes. Key passes are passes that directly lead to a shooting opportunity for a teammate. Key passes are not rewarded with points by the site operators but can be a helpful guide to seek out players that are generating chances for goals. If a defensive midfielder were to have assisted in 2 straight games on a total of 3 key passes, that is an excellent conversion percentage. On the other hand an attacking midfielder may have 9 key passes over those 2 games, but his strikers were unable to finish. If they are the same price who would you prefer to have? Our focus is on opportunity over results. The defensive midfielder is less likely to sustain this conversion rate whereas the attacking midfielders passes should eventually turn to goals. Not to dismiss results entirely but they will often come with an increased price tag on the player and the past does not count in your games.

Knowing who is involved in attack and finding the right matches to use these players is critical. You need to focus on statistics that are likely to happen in all games such as passes, not just goals and assists which are less predictive.

Midfielders Attacking Skill – Shots, Set Pieces, Penalties

Some midfielders may not qualify as attacking midfielders but can still impact in other ways. These could be deep playing midfielders that control passing in the middle third. They might also take set pieces and even penalties, as well as taking shots from outside the box. On a site like Mondogoal, these midfielders could be undervalued but on sites that don’t reward passing these midfielders will be a riskier pick.

Midfielder Quality v. Site Value of the Midfielder

Midfielder quality can vary depending on their main attributes. Some midfielders are strong mainly in defence, with occasional attacking runs. Some are box-to-box that move the ball well but are typically not involved as often in goals. Then there are those who play in advanced positions and are key to their team’s attacks. The midfielders to target are generally those that have a high percentage of their team’s touches, shots and key passes, as that is what will lead to fantasy points in the future.

The site value should reflect these qualities . and our goal will be to select midfielders that can reach this value easily while also possessing the ability to outscore their projection as well.

Opponent Quality – Projected Possession % for Team

Projecting possession stats is often as easy as seeing which team is heavily favoured but not always, tactics and style can also influence these numbers. Teams that possess the ball tend to get more shots and scoring chances and are obviously the preferred option. One often overlooked fantasy value opportunity is when two poor teams meet and one has demonstrated more success in keeping possession. While some sides may struggle to possess the ball against better teams, they may be capable of doing so against poorer teams.

Likelihood of Clean Sheet / 1 Goal Against

Mondogoal awards 2 points for a midfielder keeping a clean sheet and 1 point if a midfielder’s team only concedes 1 goal. These aren’t going to be major difference makers but if you can’t choose between two midfielders, pick the one with the best defence.

Home or Away

Where the game is being played will be considered by the bookmaker’s numbers as well, but in general we obviously like to lean towards home players and avoid those from the away team. Home or away games can serve as a tiebreaker if you are finding it hard to choose between two midfielders.


Midfielders are the pulse of football teams and they are vital to your fantasy football team as well. They score in a variety of ways and have a tremendous range of potential scores. Always lean towards those who attack regularly and stay heavily involved in their team’s scoring.

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