Types of Games

By FF Backers on December 18, 2014

Types of Games

There are a number of various game types to select from on each daily fantasy site. On all of the sites, you must register to play and registration is always free. As with any online gaming format, a percentage of entrant fees is held by the house as their profit. This is referred to as a “rake”. Most of the sites keep a rake of 10-12% of entrant fees. Keep this in mind when reviewing the payout on each game type.

In most of the games you select a line-up of players that fit within a designated budget (generally £100- £150 million) and pit those players against other participants’ players. Most sites offer full XI-man lineups with a few offering 5-man teams. XI-man formations are the usual 4-4-2, 4-3-3 or 3-5-2 and more. Most sites will limit the number of players you may select from one team. For instance, on Mondogoal you may select up to 4 players from the same team. In PickLive you choose 5 players at any position from the 2 clubs in a particular match or multiple matches.

The daily fantasy football sites featured on Fantasy Football Backers offer games from the Premier League and Champions League. You can also find games from La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, MLS and Europa.

Cash Games

Head to Head or 1v1 or One on One

Head to Head games are one of the most popular game types. Some sites refer to these games as H2H, 1v1 or One on One. You play your team against one other fantasy manager’s team. The winner takes home the entire pot, less fees. Buy-ins start as low as £1 and can go as high as £5000. If you just want to hone your skill, you can also find free entry H2H games with no prize, but no risk of losing your money.

Sites offering H2H games: mondogoal.com, woofbet.com, fanxt.com, fantasyfootballexchange.uk, footballfanager.com, draft11.com.

50/50 or Double Up

50/50’s are a great way to enter the world of daily fantasy sports and make money. In 50/50 games, everyone who finishes in the top ½ of the pool wins double their investment. You can also enter multiple teams into the same 50/50 game, increasing your odds of success (10 entries at £1 each, winning only 60% of the time gives you £10.90. That equals 9% growth).

Sites offering 50/50 games: fanxt.com, draft11.com

Cash games are great for steady, long-term success. However, if you’re going for a one-time big money payout, GPPs may be the game type for you.

GPPs (Guaranteed Prize Pool) or Tournament

A GPP, is a game or contest where a usually low entry fee can earn you a large prize. GPPs are also called Upside Leagues because they will earn you more than double your investment. The buy-ins vary from site to site. GPP’s usually have a large pool of entrants and payout the top 15-25% of entrants. The top 3 prizes usually payout a large percentage of the overall prize pool. For example, there may be a GPP with a £27 entry fee and pay out first prize of £1million.

Freeroll GPP

Also called free play or free kick, is exactly what it says: free. These are GPPs with no entry fee. Some sites offer actual cash prizes while others give away team shirts or other prizes. This is a great way to get used to the format and perfect your skill.

Triple-Ups GPP

Triple-ups generally have a limited number of players – anywhere from 10 to 600 participants – where the top 30% of the players earn triple their buy-ins. So if your buy in is £5 and you finish in the top 30% you win £15. If, however, you finish outside the top 30%, you lose your stake.

Winner Take All GPP

Just like H2H, there is only one winner. The difference is the number of participants. We’ve seen up to 10 players in winner take all games on playon.co. The more players, the less likely that your team will come out on top. But there is much greater reward if they do.

Qualifiers for GPPs/Tournaments

The entry fee for some Guaranteed Prize Pool tournaments can be rather steep. Some sites offer entry into a satellite tournament where the prize is the entry fee into the actual GPP.

Sites offering GPP games: mondogoal.com, fanxt.com, footballfanager.com, woofbet.com

Slot Games

Most of the daily fantasy sites offer “slot games” or “slot leagues”. On some sites, players can act as league managers, create a game and specify the number of slots. Slots are simply the number of participants that can play in the game.

3 Slot Leagues – these have 3 participants and are usually Winner Take All format.

5 Slot Leagues – these are generally Winner Take All prize payouts as well, or may pay out the top 2 finishers.

10 Slot Leagues – in 10 slot the top 3 participants get paid out.

20/25 Slot Leagues – these usually pay out the top 30% like 10 Slot Leagues and Triple-ups.

Sites offering Slot Games: mondogoal.com, footballfanager.com

Pick Em

A few of the daily fantasy sites offer a pick em format on a single game or multi-game level. For example, you select 1 actual football game in which you want to compete. Let’s say the game is Chelsea vs. Arsenal. You will select 5 total players and those players can be from either team. There is no salary cap, so pick your favorite players. The team that has the highest point total from the selected 5 players wins the cash prize.

Sites offering Pick Em: picklive.com, fanfeud.co.uk

Ready to Play?

Below is a breakdown of the daily fantasy sites featured on FFB and the games they offer.

mondogoal.com – H2H, 5-slot, 10-slot, GPP and Free Roll. Even in free games there are nice payouts: Team Shirts, $100, etc. The money games often have $1,000 payouts with a $5 entry fee. This site has an easy to use format as well. That’s why it’s one of our favourites. MondoGoal Review

woofbet.com – H2H, Free Roll, Match of the Week and Full Round. Woofbet also offers true daily games (like Saturday Only). One of their unique games is monthly best manager. It is a Free Roll game with a £500 guaranteed prize, and they currently offer some of the largest freeroll prizes. WooFBet Review

fanxt.com – H2H, 50/50, GPP. Also, just for signing up, Fanxt gave me USD 5 to use toward my first game. FanXT Review

playon.co – Double Up, Top 3, Winner Take All and Matrix. They have a Free Roll Matrix game with £1000 guaranteed total payout (actual % of prize determined by number of entrants). Playon.co Review

fantasyfootballexchange.uk – H2H, create your own league, 4-week leagues. They also offer transfers in a limited number of leagues. Fantasy Football Exchange Review

picklive.com – They offer actual matches (i.e. Leicester v. Man City) with payouts exceeding £100. They use a Pick 5 format. PickLive Review

fanfeud.co.uk –Live matches and a Pick 5. FanFeud Review

footballfanager.com – 25 slot, H2H, GPP. This site has some of the more inventive prizes including Team Shirts, gift packages and Xbox or PS4 FIFA bundles. FootballFanager Review

draft11.com – H2H, Free Play, 50/50. They allow you to choose a variety of leagues from which to choose players (Premier, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and Champions). Draft11 Review

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