FanTeam Review

By Mizungu on September 30, 2015

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FanTeam is the reincarnation of WoofBet after a summer of development for the team. Originally established in 2013, FanTeam caters for a mainly Scandanavian customer base. They have around 1000 unique users each month, playing for total prize pools of around €10,000 per week.

If variety is the spice of life then FanTeam is for you. They offer contests across 11 domestic leagues from Spain to England and also the Champions League.  We thought it was timely to give the new site a go and see how they stack up against the competition. We played 3 competitions and were lucky enough to be successful in all, but did our experience match the outcome?

In summary, don’t be misled by the 6 average score. We were forced to give ‘Mobile’ a zero as there isn’t a product yet and with usage these days a good mobile offer is critical. But it is coming and a healthy mark in this section will bring the average score to a more than respectable 7 or 8.

There is a lot to praise here. Both game selection and team selection are straight forward processes and there is a player availability key for injuries and suspensions plus a decent blog section. The in-play experience whilst not being flashy, does the job and updates relatively quickly.

Interestingly, FanTeam have totally overhauled their player values and what wasn’t a particularly testing task is now much more challenging. You definitely need a strategy now as opposed to just being able to pick who you want and meet the budget.


If we’re being picky, site navigation could be better and the process for withdrawing your money is a little laboured but overall this is an excellent fantasy product.

Signing Up

As with most sites, signing up and making that first deposit is a simple enough process. This is the page you will see when you click the ‘Register’ button:









Filling in your details is a 1 minute job. Once you’ve logged in, return to the main site and you’ll need to click on the ‘Cashier’ button to make your initial deposit. Once you’ve selected ‘Deposit’, the range of options available will appear:


Don’t forget, all transactions are in Euros. There are fees associated with some deposit methods so be sure to double check. Unfortunately, at this moment, FanTeam have not supplied us with a Promo Code for your first deposit but we are hoping this will be rectified really quickly.

In terms of Withdrawals, select the ‘Cash Out’ button and these are your options:


As you can see there are fewer options and before you can withdraw, your account will need to be verified. You will be asked to submit fairly comprehensive bank details and the process can take a few days so it is not the most user-friendly system we have come across though we understand that security of your money overrides all other concerns.


Contest Selection

Once you’ve signed up and deposited, it’s time to select a game you want to participate in and this is where FanTeam excels. 11 domestic leagues are on offer, each hosting an array of different contests. If nothing you see whets your appetite, don’t worry, there is a feature to create your own tournament. The other advantage of covering so many leagues is that FanTeam can offer contests when other providers are shut for business. There’s a Finnish league match happening right now on a Wednesday afternoon! You could be winning money on a Wednesday afternoon!


As you can see, not only is there variety in the domestic leagues you can enter competitions in, there is also good variety in the types of contest you can enter e.g. Winner Takes All, Double or Nothing or standard competitions that payout on a number of places. One unfortunate change from WoofBet is that whilst freerolls still exist with FanTeam, the pots don’t appear to be as big. This is a shame because this was undoubtedly the best way to familiarise yourself with DFF whilst also having a chance at decent money.

FanTeam does however, continue to offer a good range of entry fees to suit all budgets and a range of contests from Saturday or Sunday only, to complete gameweeks and even contests for one-off games.

Team Selection

Once you have selected a contest, you will be taken to this screen:

FT3As you can see, you have a $100m budget to select 12 players. There is some confusion here as the graphic to the right showing how many players you have to select for each position, adds up to 14 players. This is a remnant of the WoofBet model, we can confirm you will mainly need to select 11 players and 1 sub. However there are games where more subs are used, so be sure to double check.

Then begins the process of selecting your team. As we said in our intro, this is a much more difficult task than it was previously, with player values now more representative. If anything it might have swung too far the other way, making it too difficult for the casual player to select a competitive team as you do need to know your players, particularly the bargain basement. However we have not played regularly enough to confirm either way.

There is a flexible approach to formations, you will need to start a keeper and then there is a maximum of 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 attackers from which you need to make an 11 player formation. Your sub will automatically kick in if a player you selected does not start.

If it seems complicated. don’t worry, it’s intuitive once you start. Simply click on a player to add him and he will appear on the pitch, and if you change your mind, click on him again to remove him. You can sort players by club, position, price and form. You can only select 3 players from any one team.


Once you’ve selected your team, you will be asked to choose a captain and vice-captain (who replaces your captain in the event he doesn’t play). These selections receive double points and as you’ll know we’re not big fans, mainly because this one decision will have a dramatic effect on your performance. You could select the right team but lose because you selected the wrong captain. This is re-enforced because FanTeam also operate a bonus points system where the top 3 performers per side receive 3, 2 and 1 bonus points which are added to their score.

Talking of points, FanTeam uses this scoring system:



You’ll see there is useful differentiation depending on the position the player has e.g. Defenders rightly score more points for goals. On the other hand, keepers don’t tend to accumulate too many points for saves and we’d like to see assists for keeper rebounds, also defensive midfielders are of no real value. The system is not as indepth as others out there but it is easy to understand and follow.

Finally, getting back to choosing your team, usefully, FanTeam allow you to import another selection if you are interested in playing the same team in different tournaments. Just save your team and import it in other contests by choosing the ‘Select Existing Teams’ option. Registration for tournaments ends 1 minute before the tournament starts.


From the main menu tool, select ‘Live Results’ and you’ll be taken to the following screen:


Just click on a fixture on the left and the game stats will appear on the right-hand side of your screen. The data is supplied through live feeds from OddsModel and updates are quick and reliable. The best way to follow your contest is to toggle back and forth between this and the ‘My Games’ tab which shows your current contests status where you can access your opponents teams. Usefully the table contains information on how many players your opponents have left to play, for competitions across different kick-off times.


Overall, whilst there are flashier versions and slicker interfaces, FanTeam gets the job done in terms of your In-Play experience.


This may seem like a relatively small thing to be judging a site by, but if you can’t get around it, your enjoyment will be soured and the chances are you won’t return.

FanTeam has a no thrills feel to it and is accordingly simple to navigate. You can see the standard navigation bar below and it is all pretty self-explanatory.


We did have some issues with the scroll bar in Internet Explorer but the team are aware and working on a fix. One suggested improvement is that contest filtering can sometimes make it difficult to see your tournament, particularly if you want to set up your own custom tournament. The contest won’t appear on the main page, you need to adjust filters, which may prevent a lot of traffic from accessing your competition. Finally, if you enter a contest then decide it’s not for you, when you return to the main ‘Tournament’ tab, any filters you may have applied are lost, and you start all over again.


At the time of writing this review, there is no mobile offer. FanTeam have advised us that it is in the pipeline though so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.


FanTeam have always responded quickly to any queries we have made. They are a forward looking, pro-active team. The site has a wealth of resources to help answer all your questions too.


This looks the same as WoofBet and feels the same as WoofBet but there is a kick. Player values are much more realistic and a true test of your DFF strategy. Other site tweaks have led to what is a really enjoyable experience.

FanTeam is not the slickest operation out there nor does it pretend to be. What it lacks in style, it more than makes up for in substance. If you’re looking for an all-singing, all-dancing match day experience then you are probably best off elsewhere but if it’s stripped back daily fantasy football you’re after, with contests to suit all appetites, across an unrivalled choice of leagues – then FanTeam is for you.