Mondogoal Add Chelsea and Barcelona as Partners

By devo1099 on January 21, 2015

Mondogoal have announced that Chelsea Football Club and FC Barcelona are their newest partners, adding to an already impressive portfolio that includes Manchester City, Liverpool, West Ham and AC Milan.

Partnerships have clearly been a focus for Mondogoal and to add Chelsea and Barcelona signals an ability to communicate their vision and value proposition to these clubs. Barcelona has more Twitter followers than all of the 32 American Football NFL teams combined, for instance. As Mondogoal continues to expand and raise capital having some of the world’s largest clubs alongside them will add considerable legitimacy.

In conjunction with the partnership each of the clubs will have a Chelsea-branded and Barcelona-branded version of Mondogoal. Contests to win exclusive packages and memorabilia from the clubs will attract considerable attention and give Mondogoal a tremendously unique offering that differentiates themselves from their competition.

From a daily fantasy football standpoint, this is tremendously exciting. In the States, both Draftkings and Fanduel took considerable runway time to develop their product before attempting to add partners. Once these partnerships were established the growth followed. We are interested to see if Mondogoal’s efforts to solidify partnerships first will cut down on the time it will take to get meaningful exposure to potential fantasy managers. If the clubs are active in support and marketing the Mondogoal brand, and Mondogoal pivots to improving their product now that they have secured these partnerships, we could see explosive growth sooner than later.

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