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By Mizungu on December 9, 2015

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FantasyBet was founded by a group of friends from Norway. Their growth meant they could move the business to the UK and they commenced trading after a soft launch in April 2015. They have around 2,500 registered users, playing for prize pools of around £2,000-£3,000 each week.

FantasyBet offers games across 4 leagues; English Premier League and Championship, Spanish La Liga and Norwegian Tippeligaen. We thought we’d try the site out in a couple of Premier League contests and let you guys know how they stack up against the competition.

In summary, this site does the basics extremely well. From setting up an account to finding a contest and choosing your team, it is a very straight forward process, aided by ease of navigation. Fantasy Bet did have issues with live scoring but have obviously worked hard at getting a fix and we experienced no problems. There are sites out there with more stats, blogs etc to help you in selecting your team but Fantasy Bet gets the basics right. As an introduction to the world of DFF, this is one of the best.

Signing Up

You’ll be familiar with the process and FantasyBet is no different. Click on the ‘Register’ tab and these are the details you will be asked for:


You’ll then need to add funds. Click on the tab and you’ll see the variety of ways you can deposit money into your account:


Select your preferred option but be sure to check any fees you’re transaction might incur. At the time of writing there is no Promocode for your first deposit, which does affect FantasyBet’s score for this category.

In terms of withdrawals, just click on the drop down box beside your balance, choose ‘Withdrawal’ and you will see this screen:


Again it’s fairly straight forward with 3 withdrawal options for you to choose from. We’ve yet to withdraw from the account so can not be specific about the time it takes for the funds to clear into your account.


Contest Selection

Now we move into the meat of the review. How does the experience of actually playing FantasyBet stack up? The site caters for leagues in England, Spain and Norway. Here is what a usual contest lobby might look like (just click on ‘Find Games’ from the main toolbar):


This looks and feels familiar. There’s the usual variety of tournament pots and stakes you’d expect and the industry standard rake. FantasyBet do have a variety of GPPs but there isn’t quite the variety of tournaments on the site yet. This may be reasonably expected of a relative new comer to the scene. You can create your own tournaments but a better offering of Double Ups and Head to Heads would enable players to manage their bank roll better. It is difficult to steadily build your balance if you’re only playing multi-entry contests.

An interesting offer on FantasyBet is that some games are played in ‘Flash Mode’. This is a game where owners only have 3 minutes to select their team. If you haven’t done it inside the time, the site automatically does it for you. Once complete your teams are locked. If you need added adrenalin in your DFF life, this is for you!

Team Selection

Once you’ve selected your contest you will be taken to an overview of your game that looks like this:


Select from the various tabs at the top to get more information. You have still not committed your cash at this stage. If you are happy with everything you see, just select the ‘Enter Now’ button. You will then need to select your team:


Again, there’s nothing here that you wouldn’t expect. Just click on a player and he’s added to your team. You get a £100m budget to select a team of 11 plus 4 subs. Player values make this a relatively easy task. You can’t afford all the top players each week but you normally only have to omit 1 or 2. In terms of strategy therefore, there are tougher tests out there but it’s not the easiest either.

There are a variety of formations allowed, as you populate your team your formation will automatically adjust to fit the players you have picked and stop when you have too many players in one category. There are a number of options to sort players by and you are, as is the norm, restricted to 3 players per premier league side except for contests with only 1 or 2 matches.

Once you’ve selected your team, you will be asked to choose a captain and vice-captain (who replaces your captain in the event he doesn’t play). These selections receive double points and as you’ll know we’re not big fans, mainly because this one decision will have a dramatic effect on your performance. You could select the right team but lose because you selected the wrong captain. This is re-enforced because FantasyBet also operate a bonus points system where the top 3 performers per side receive 3, 2 and 1 bonus points which are added to their score.

In terms of points, FantasyBet using the following scoring system:


You’ll see there is useful differentiation depending on the position the player has e.g. Defenders rightly score more points for goals. On the other hand, keepers don’t tend to accumulate too many points for saves and we’d like to see assists for keeper rebounds, also defensive midfielders are of no real value. The system is not as indepth as others out there but it is easy to understand and follow.


So now we’re into the nitty gritty! What is the ‘live’ experience like? You have 2 options to track your team, either using the league table:


Or your team page:


Fantasy Bet have really improved their performance in this area. There were big issues with live scoring but in our recent tests it has not only improved, it is rapid! There was some lag before the table updated once your team had but it isn’t an issue. The only area for improvement would be around the whole experience rather than core DFF functions. This could involve more information on other games in play, stats on other players who you didn’t select etc but in terms of what you need to follow your contest, the site delivers at speed.

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The site navigation bar looks like this:


There are sites out there offering more content so this should be easy to navigate and it is. It is intuitive and easy to navigate between different sections.



FantasyBet, unlike some competitors, do have a mobile offer. The things the main site does well, are mirrored on the go, such as ease of making changes:




Because the In-Play experience is purely focused on your contest, as described above, this plays right into delivering an excellent mobile experience. On a desktop you might demand some of the all-singing, all-dancing features that Fantasy Bet doesn’t have. However as a mobile user, you are pretty much only interested in keeping tabs on your contest. This delivers in spades with quick team and table updates.



FantasyBet has an FAQ section to help with any questions you might have and other sources of support, just scroll to the bottom of any page you are on:


Finally, in terms of our contact with the guys who run the site, we have found them to be very responsive and forward looking.



There is a familiar look and feel to the site, it is intuitive to navigate and choosing a contest and selecting your side is a very clear, straight forward process. Flash Mode is a really interesting concept and it will be interesting to monitor the take up as the site grows.

Yes, there could be an increase in competition variety and more features could be added to improve the ‘In Play’ experience but it’s hard to find fault with the Fantasy Bet offer. It’s a perfect introduction to the world of DFF.




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