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By FF Backers on November 14, 2014

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Mondogoal is among the first entrants into the UK market and from what we have seen thus far we are tremendously excited. With coverage of a number of leagues and a deep, comprehensive selection of statistics tracked by OPTA, Mondogoal provides a unique daily fantasy football experience.

As you can see in the image, Mondogoal provides games for all 5 major European leagues, Champions League and Europa League, and even the growing MLS. Additionally they have games for European and World Cup qualifiers, and of course will have the Finals of those as well. Mondogoal is aiming to attract customers from all over the world, with players from the US and Canada as well as the UK and Europe. Will familiarity with daily fantasy play for US players beat the deep seated knowledge of UK players? We’ll find out.

available leagues

Mondogoal has made tremendous strides in securing partnerships with some major clubs. So far FC Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester, City, Liverpool, West Ham and AS Roma have all signed on with exclusive deals. These relationships will ensure exposure, which will drive more customers and give them the best chance to establish Mondogoal as the best daily site available in the UK. Mondogoal has started running TV commercials and capitalizing on their partnerships. You can view their first commercial below.

The team behind Mondogoal is encouraging as well. They have raised some money already which shows they are in this for the long haul. They are offering all sorts of free games (known as freerolls) and spending money on marketing and partnerships. They are fully committed to becoming the industry leader and we see that potential loud and clear.

Mondogoal Partners

Mondogoal is off to a promising start. The scoring is deep and comprehensive, the game selection is excellent, and the team selection is top notch. They have valuable partnerships with some important clubs already with designs for more. They are well funded and committed to providing the best fantasy football experience available. We are happy with where Mondogoal is now but more excited about where they are headed. Join now and look forward to positive changes around the corner.

How to Play

STEP 1: Signing Up and Depositing

It’s pretty simple to sign up and get playing. Once you’ve input your email address and password it’s just a bit more personal information and you’re ready to go. Make sure you take a minute to create a good screenname though because that’s going to be your brand in all the competitions!

From there you will be able to deposit funds and get started. Depositing is currently limited to credit card only but will be expanding shortly.

STEP 2: Mondogoal Promo Code

We at Fantasy Football Backers negotiate the best deals we can for our Backers and Mondogoal is no different. They are offering an amazing 200% bonus right now up to £500. Use Promo Code: Backers through this link and you’ll be all set.

STEP 3: Choosing a Contest

Mondogoal provides an array of contests to join. The leagues that are covered depend on which are in season and have matches coming up. You can choose the league and entry fee from the top or just scroll down and join.

As you can see from the above picture there are contests ranging from head-to-head (2 people) up to a 500 person freeroll provided by Mondogoal. Freerolls are a generous bonus from the site and a great place to start learning how to form teams and to see how you fare against competition. The high stakes leagues are a bit limited but they will come as the site grows and can accommodate those players.

STEP 4: Making your Selections

You are now ready to pick your winning team. First you choose your formation from the top of the screen to decide how many defenders, midfielders and forwards you want in your squad. Typically you will want three forwards but there is certainly some strategy involved based on the fixtures. In Mondogoal, players can score in a variety of ways meaning there are a lot more players that are decent fantasy options, instead of the same old names in season long games with traditional scoring of clean sheets, goals and assists. It’s a much more exciting test of your knowledge and strategy.

STEP 5: In Play

You’ve made your team, which is certainly a very enjoyable component to daily fantasy. But the real prize? Following the action! Mondogoal allow you to see the contest tables in real time, though they are still working out the kinks a bit. It can take 10-15 minutes after the start of the matches to see your opponent and their selections. The scoring is always accurate though, and typically is working properly by the time the match ends. We will keep an eye on this but for now it’s acceptable but not great.


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Game Interface


Mondogoal is pretty easy to navigate through due to the primary four functions in the image above. ‘Contests’ is where you’ll see what is available to join, and in ‘My Entries’ you may track contests you’ve joined. It can be a tad difficult cycling through leagues and entries but due to this main navigation bar it’s simple enough to get back to where you are headed.

Functionality / Design

Functionality is a place where Mondogoal excels, particularly in the squad selection screen. This is one of the slickest options in terms of aesthetics as well as ease of use.

The ability to see your team on the pitch in the formation you chose, wearing the team’s colours is outstanding. The text boxes at the bottom with player name, team, and position all work exceptionally well and quickly filter based on your choices. In addition, the price bar allows you to narrow the gap down to what you can afford for your last choice and works quite well. The squad selection screen is truly top notch from an aesthetic and functional standpoint.

The squad selection screen is also quite easy to use. You are able to toggle by position and team as mentioned above, or sort by statistics with a simple click. In this case we’ve just gone and clicked on PPG (points per game) to see which players have performed best in the season so far. While we are getting accustomed to each site’s scoring it is helpful to see what players have been credited with to date. In this case we are looking at Forwards from weeks 1-10 and the points accurately reflect actual performances on the pitch. Aguero and Costa are the two leading goal scorers, Alexis has been a standout transfer, and Berahino, Sakho and Pelle are breakout stars.

The biggest drawback to picking your team is what some sites refer to as ‘Late Swap’ which means you are able to change your team even after the first match in the fixtures begins. This is important for contests you’ve entered that span several days as team news only breaks about an hour before the start of each match. Some sites in the States allow you to make changes while some do not, however we are of the opinion that for fantasy football this is a must have feature. Many of the top clubs have the ability to rotate players due to squad depth and it is very difficult to predict team lineups. We hope Mondogoal is able to add Late Swap soon.

We are also keen to see an ‘Import/Export’ function available for your teams especially when you have made multiple entries. This allows you to make changes and apply them to all your teams. For instance you may decide that you prefer Edin Dzeko to Alexis Sanchez when you see that Sergio Aguero not in the starting XI. Rather than needing to make that change on each of your entries you would be able to make the change on one entry, then export it to the rest. We believe Mondogoal will enable this soon but it is lacking at the moment.

Squad Size, Player Values and Scoring

It is squad size, player values and scoring where Mondogoal demonstrates that they are the class of the daily fantasy football industry. It is possible to create strong squads but to take top players you must find lower priced options as well. The scoring is fantastic and reflects true player value to their team as much as any scoring system we’ve seen. Filtering the player pool by top scorers echoes this sentiment as the top all-around players from the Premier League will rise, not players with specific goal or assist type skills that have been rewarded in other offerings.

Withdrawing Money

Withdrawing money from Mondogoal is quick and painless. In just two clicks you will have your money restored to the credit card you deposited with. As they add other forms of deposit those same forms will become available upon withdrawal as well.

Mobile Site

Mondogoal does not have an app yet and is consistently attempting to improve its mobile site. The mobile site is a work in progress but you are able to select a team in a pretty fluid two part screen. Above you see your team laid out in your chosen formation. When you select one of the spots a screen slides in from the right with the players and salaries listed. You can scroll by player value or just type your player name into the Search bar up top.

Some of the functionality is still a work in progress and there are some minor aesthetic issues but overall we can definitely form our squad on the go, and that’s the important part.


Here we will post all the great promos that Mondogoal sets up – they could be deposit bonuses, large contests, or unique offerings from their partner clubs. Deposit bonuses are critical while you learn the platform. It can take some time to understand the scoring and the right team composition. Mondogoal’s partnerships will lead to some of the best and most unique contests in the industry as they have unparalleled access to the actual players. Exciting times ahead at Mondogoal!


Mondogoal Review Ratings

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KevB says:
Review by KevB






Great site. Easy to use, stylish and live updates are fab.


1) Late swap
2) Abiliy to track players you haven’t picked

Wojo79 says:
Review by Wojo79






Scoring is great – very complex. Allows me to play defenders that actually hang back and do their job!

Footy23 says:
Review by Footy23






Have been loving Mondogoal since I came across it. Starting to risk a bit more each week as I’ve been playing better. Hoping they do 50/50 leagues soon as those are easier to win but so far I like it!