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By FF Backers on February 4, 2015

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Picklive is a unique entrant into the daily fantasy football industry. Picklive bills itself as “one match fantasy football” and is intended to serve as a second screen while you are watching a televised match. The format is certainly more simple than that of its competitors in the space and could serve as a nice introduction to daily fantasy for more casual players.

As it is, Picklive has a near fanatical following among those that have played thus far. Founded in 2013, they won Best Betting Operator of the Year in the Totally Gaming Awards. Due to the simple setup of the games, Picklive can easily add different leagues and competitions and offer matches for anything you may want to watch. Picklive has our attention due to creativity and flexibility in game play.

Picklive is a completely different offering than we are accustomed to, but that could be a very good thing. Over time we will see if there is edge to be had by selecting the right players at the outset of your match, but from a pure entertainment standpoint PickLive is fun, addictive, and simple. Those attributes are a great foundation so we are excited to see where the PickLive team takes it from here.

How to Play

STEP 1: Signing Up and Depositing

Signing up is easy. Just go to Picklive.com and click on “Sign Up” in the upper right hand corner. Put in your name and address, then choose your favourite team and your screenname and password.

Step 2: Picklive Promo Code

Next you will see a blank for “Promo code”. That is where you will let them know you came from Fantasy Football Backers and place “BACKERS” in that box to become eligible for the best promo code available.

Once you have signed up you’ll have an opportunity to deposit. Picklive uses a payment processor called PayPoint which allows you to use a credit card. It does not appear Picklive currently has other options to deposit.

STEP 3: Choosing a Contest

Picklive is ‘one match fantasy football’ so choosing a contest is simple. Are you about to sit on the couch on Sunday afternoon and watch your favourite team? That would be a good place to start then! The available matches are listed in the selection screen in chronological order. The next match up is first and if you click on it you will see which contests, or “rooms” as Picklive calls them, are available.

The Entry Fee and Number of Entries will dictate what contests you should join. The higher number of entries, the more likely you will have to pick a differential or two to have a chance to win. The beauty of Picklive is the contest is over once the match is over, and then if there is another match you can move on. Or you may join multiple matches at once, though due to the in-game strategy decisions that could be challenging.

STEP 4: Making your Selections

Picklive requires 5 selections, though the only rule is you must select a player from each team. There is no budget, there are no player values; just pick 5 players and see who scores the most.

Selecting your team is as easy as clicking on the 5 players you want. Picklive will display a Predicted Lineup well in advance of matches and then switch to the Confirmed Lineup when that becomes available an hour before the match. If you want a player that is not in the Predicted Lineup you click on “Squad” and then a dropdown appears with the squad players.

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Game Interface


Picklive provides a vertical navigation bar along the right side of the screen at all times. This is a nice way to toggle between your contests. Overall, the navigation is intuitive and easy on Picklive.

Functionality / Design

The functionality of the Picklive site is impressive. The simplicity of the concept carries over into the functionality. There are no wasted clicks and unlike some others, Picklive was easy to use the first time on the site.

It is clear Picklive has a very talented developer. The graphical overlays display quickly and easily, load times are nearly nonexistent, and the site just works fluidly. The game room operates in real time and makes for great complementary theatre alongside the game you are watching on TV.

Squad Size, Player Values and Scoring

This is where Picklive goes in a completely different direction than the sites we have grown accustomed to. The squad size is just 5 players, about half of what we see elsewhere. Players do not have values attached to them so if you want the best 5 players they are yours. Granted, the scoring can influence what “best” actually means on Picklive. Here are the scoring plays and their values:

We have found that passing midfielders are the most stable place for points, but several of the games we played in were low scoring which meant less of the overly weighted 40 fantasy point goals. Scoring is provided by Opta which allows for some more complex scoring plays, such as completed crosses and passes, as well as tackles and interceptions for defenders, and all goalkeeper actions. This levels the playing field and allows players all over the pitch to contribute in different ways. Keepers and defenders don’t receive clean sheet bonuses either, a rare twist in daily fantasy, though it is offset by the other ways they can score points.

The most unique gameplay elements are in Picklive’s approach to substitutions. What if you select 5 players a few hours before the match and one ends up not starting? Picklive will replace that player. What if after the first half your player comes off for a sub? Picklive will replace that player with his sub. Additionally, you have two manual subs of your very own that you may use at any time, with a 3 minute buffer. So you can’t just sub in a player that is about to take a pen, but good thinking!

This approach to substitutions must be commended as it helps alleviate the largest stress of daily fantasy football, selecting players that don’t play. This also levels the playing field for the casual manager.

Withdrawing Money

Withdrawing money via PayPoint is simple. The withdrawal will first cover the funds originally deposited on your bank card, and the remaining funds may be applied to the same bank card or can be sent via bank transfer.

Picklive Withdrawal Desktop

Mobile Site

Picklive’s mobile site is roughly identical to their desktop version, which is a good thing. It is easy to navigate and functions well. The simplicity of the Picklive game contributes to the ease of use, which all ties into their goals with their gameplay.


Promo Code

Picklive is confident in their product and offer a very generous bonus if you use the ‘BACKERS’ promo code. The promo code applies to first time depositers only. You may also go straight to our page here: click here where our promo code will be automatically filled for you.


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Footy23 says:
Review by Footy23






Really good for any single games such as Monday Night football but a bit limiting with squad selection in advance. So only play when I remember.

chl1303 says:
Review by chl1303






Great for making one-off games more interesting. Harder to keep track when multiple games in play.